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Zeilhan Online Business Suite Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees with a Zeilhan Online Business. The only additional fees you need to consider are fees for your ad revenues for running ads such as Google and Facebook Ads.

Can I upgrade my plan?

You are allowed to upgrade or cancel your Zeilhan plan at any time. It’s as simple as sending us a support request using the Support Page. One of our agents will help you from that point forward.

What if I want to cancel?

Clients are allowed to cancel their Zeilhan Online Business agreement at any point but will be required to complete a minimum of 75% of the total contractual payments or 18 months of payments. This is to cover our costs.

How long does it take to get started?

The time period from the signing of the contract to delivery of your Zeilhan Online Business will take no longer than 6 weeks.

Will you manage the online presence for me?

All Zeilhan Online Businesses are 100% managed, hosted, secured, updated, and maintained by our dedicated staff. This allows you to have more time for your business and clients.

Will this help me grow my business?

A Zeilhan Online Business is an entry-level solution for Zeilhan’s core services. It provides startups and small businesses with a profitable online presence. It is, however, impossible to be 100% certain that any investment will be profitable.

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Online Presence

Your Zeilhan Online Business is built to give you more time to handle your business's day-to-day operations while we launch your business online. This online presence includes a website, social media accounts and marketing, email marketing, and other services for online visibility.

Business Management

Your Zeilhan Online Business will also include important business management services to aid in your online success. These services include business management, marketing consultation, growth strategies, training, and support.

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