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A Zeilhan Online Business is a platform with a suite of tools and benefits that will launch
your business online with the highest chance of success.


Build your online presence with a team dedicated to your success now and later!

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What's in a Zeilhan Online Business?

Conversion-Optimized Website

This conversion-optimized website will be the major marketing asset for your business. Your new site design is innovative and user-friendly, enabling visitors to find what they need quickly and efficiently. The powerful SEO strategies will help increase organic traffic from search engines by ranking well in Google’s algorithm rankings so you can dominate online competition!

12-Month Marketing Strategy

Every Zeilhan Online Business is built on a 12-month marketing strategy to generate leads, nurture loyal and long-term clients, and improve your brand strength. Your individualized plan will help you achieve all of these goals with the support from our team that understands how each site works for different industries or organizations!

Fully-Managed Online Presence

You don't have to worry about anything but telling us your worries and allowing our professional team of experts to implement a solution. You no longer have to spend hours every day managing your Zeilhan Online Business. Our professional team will take care of everything, so you can focus on growing your business in the real world!

A Quick And Easy Way To Grow Your Business Online


Every business needs an online presence in today's digital world; this is where Zeilhan Online Business comes into play. Using data analytics tools we can build sites tailored specifically to meet your company's requirements while also addressing any major pain points - maximizing customer experience by saving them time entering the information they may have forgotten about already inputting somewhere else before arriving at YOUR website!

If it sounds like something might be missing from how people are able to find out more information or gain access into understanding their business better than hiring some outside help make sense then look no further because this is where Zeilhan Consulting Group comes in handy by providing all-inclusive services including social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), website design/development as well as various other digital marketing solutions.

Zeilhan Online Business Will Grow your Business

Learn how your Zeilhan Online Business will serve your clients and grow your business

More Profits!

The main objective of Zeilhan Online Business is to earn your business a profit. Without an online presence, your business is missing out on thousands of clients. We do this by creating a 12-month marketing strategy that is designed for your business and clients and is built into your website, social media, and marketing efforts.

12-Month Marketing Strategy

Each Zeilhan Online Business is built with a 12-month marketing strategy to help your business achieve your definition of success for your business. Success must be a S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goal such as increase revenues by 25% in the next 12 months.

Better Long-Term Growth

A Zeilhan Online Business takes your long-term growth at heart. We prioritize your future as well as your present. As a result, we always have short and long-term marketing goals in our marketing strategies. This helps to keep your business in line for long-term growth to get you some quick, early wins while we work towards your long-term goals.

Improved Brand Recognition

We leverage the power of your own website, social media account, and online marketing to give you better brand visibility. A Zeilhan Online Business is designed to help establish your brand as a trusted thought-leader in your industry.

Build Trust With Clients

Online scams, low-quality products and services, and dishonest businesses are just some of the threats your clients are faced with. No one will spend money with someone they don't trust. Your Zeilhan Online Business will build trust with your clients 24/7 and establish a trusted relationship with them.

Retain More Of Your Clients

It is easier to sell to a client that has already purchased from you. Retaining your clients is a critical part of your business and its success. Your Zeilhan Online Business is built to increase customer retention and satisfaction.

Open Your Business 24/7

Your business no longer closes when your doors do. Cater to your clients and prospects by keeping your business open even while you sleep at no extra cost. Your Zeilhan Online Business will give your business 24/7 representation that allows you to never miss out on a customer because of availability constraints.

Understand Your Clients

Your Zeilhan Online Business will tell you more about your clients and market. This valuable information helps you to serve them better by catering to their needs and providing the products and services that solve their problems.

Advanced Marketing Reports

With a Zeilhan Online Business, you will know what your marketing KPIs are and how they influence your business's success with monthly advanced marketing reports delivered to you.

Own Your Audience

It is great that your Facebook and Instagram accounts each have over 10,000 followers. That’s a lot of marketing potential! But what happens when an update stops your posts from being seen or worse; your accounts are deleted? You don't own those audiences; Facebook does. Your Zeilhan Online Business will give you 100% control over your audience and their marketing potential.

Reach Your Ideal Client

Your Zeilhan Online Business will be designed to communicate with and attract your ideal client based on your most profitable clients and the customer profile that we develop. This helps you to earn more money for your services while also serving the clients who need you most.

Better Customer Experience

Phone lines down? Forgot to broadcast special business hours for a public holiday? Avoid the negative customer experience that arises from these problems by allowing us to keep your customers and prospects instantly updated with your latest news.

Long-term Lead Generation Strategy

Basic Content Marketing

A basic content marketing strategy to attract visitors to your website. Your website will be updated monthly with an SEO-optimized and high-quality blog post. This will improve brand visibility, trust. and conversions.

Advanced Content Marketing

An advanced content marketing strategy that is designed to supply relevant, helpful, and high-quality information to your audience. Your content marketing strategy will help to drive website visits and conversions.

Premium Content Marketing

A detailed, structured, and SEO-optimized content marketing strategy to build long-term success. Your content marketing strategy will build a steady flow of website visitors and leads to your business in the long term.

Short-Term Lead Generation Strategy

Every Zeilhan Online Business has a 12-month digital marketing strategy built to drive leads, sales, and clients.

While our long-term lead generation strategy is being implemented we will implement a 12-month digital marketing strategy to get you immediate returns on your investment. Your digital marketing strategy will be designed to solve major business pain points such as poor brand recognition, low sales, and lack of clients.

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Success With A Zeilhan Online Business

A Zeilhan Online Business is designed to give your business all the tools, professionals, seasoned and successful business wisdom, marketing strategies, and online presence needed to grow your business online 24/7.

Low Risk, High Reward

A Zeilhan Online Business is designed to reduce the risk involved in launching a successful online business. We do this by footing most of the upfront costs involved in launching a successful online business.

No Hidden Fees or Hassle

All Zeilhan Online Business fees are clearly stated during the initial consultation and added to the contract for your protection and peace of mind.

Reliable Support

All the problems you encounter will be fully supported and resolved by our highly-qualified team in a swift and efficient manner. Your brand's online image is a profitable asset we take utmost care in protecting.

100% Transparent

Zeilhan Online Business plans are 100% transparent. We greatly involve you in the design, planning, and delivery of your Zeilhan Online Business that represents your business 24/7 and work for you and your clients.

Completely Custom Solution

All website copy, social media accounts created, and posts made are all custom and tailored to fit your business, style, vision, brand, and values. We never treat you to a generic solution.

Optimised For Your Goals

Your end goal forms the cornerstone of how your online presence will be designed and implemented. No two companies are the same so we do not believe any two online presences should be either.

Client Acquisition

Your Zeilhan Online Business will help you and your business to attract and connect with your ideal clients and build a relationship with them.

Better Brand Recognition

Your business will have better brand recognition and a stronger presence in your industry with a Zeilhan Online Business growth strategy.

Increased Sales

Our 12-month marketing strategy is custom-designed for your business. Your business will never suffer from a lack of expert marketing again!

Better Online Visibility

With 99.99% uptime, increased search visibility from a powerful SEO strategy and a unique online marketing strategy your business will be easily found online by clients who need your service.

Consistent Lead Generation

Your Zeilhan Online Business is built with the end-goal of driving more sales and customers to your business. Your website will be optimized to generate more consistent leads for your business.

Better Client Relationships

Nobody spends money with someone they don't trust. Your Zeilhan Online Business will build a relationship with clients and prospects and establish you as a thought-leader and trusted brand in your industry.

Building A Website Doesn't Guarantee Online Success

It is not enough to build a website for your business to gain success online. That is why we have created the Zeilhan Online Business that has a long-term marketing and growth strategy to ensure your success.

Search Engine Optimization

Powerful SEO optimization improves the ability of your business to appear in Google searches of people searching for your service.

Content Marketing

We create high-quality content to attract and convert the right visitors to clients. your content will help to serve your business and clients.

Website Development

Your website will be designed and developed with your unique business, brand, client, and goals in mind to improve chances of online success.

Online Marketing Strategy

Each Zeilhan Online Business is complemented with a 12-month online marketing strategy that helps your business meet its goals such as sales, profits, growth, etc.

Marketing Analysis & Consultation

Each month you're given a set amount of consultation time with our marketing team to analyze your current marketing progress and position for future success.

Fully Managed & Maintained

Your online presence will be fully managed and maintained by Zeilhan allowing you time to run your business on a day-to-day basis.

Let Us Take Your Business Online With A Zeilhan Online Business!

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