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Zeilhan Online Store: A Zeilhan Online Business eCommerce Solution

Need a 100% custom solution? Contact our team.

Building A Website Doesn't Guarantee Online Success

It is not enough to build a website for your business to gain success online. That is why we have created the Zeilhan Online Business that has a long-term marketing and growth strategy to ensure your success.

Search Engine Optimization

Powerful SEO optimization improves the ability of your business to appear in Google searches of people searching for your service.

Content Marketing

We create high-quality content to attract and convert the right visitors to clients. your content will help to serve your business and clients.

Website Development

Your website will be designed and developed with your unique business, brand, client, and goals in mind to improve chances of online success.

Online Marketing Strategy

Each Zeilhan Online Business is complemented with a 12-month online marketing strategy that helps your business meet its goals such as sales, profits, growth, etc.

Marketing Analysis & Consultation

Each month you're given a set amount of consultation time with our marketing team to analyze your current marketing progress and position for future success.

Fully Managed & Maintained

Your online presence will be fully managed and maintained by Zeilhan allowing you time to run your business on a day-to-day basis.

Monthly Consultation

Every Zeilhan Online Business client is given dedicated consultation hours each month. During these hours we analyze the progress of the current marketing strategies and how the growth of the business. Key metrics and KPIs are brought to light and discussed in light of their impact on business.

We then continue our current mareketing campaigns or pivot in some way. This process is repeated until we have achieved the results we originally set out to achieve for your business to achieve success the way you define it.

Success can be defined as S.M.A.R.T goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) and can be as simple as a 20% increase in revenues or as complicated as and long-term as opening another branch in 2 years.

Success With A Zeilhan Online Business

A Zeilhan Online Business is designed to give your business all the tools, professionals, seasoned and successful business wisdom, marketing strategies, and online presence needed to grow your business online 24/7.

Low Risk, High Reward

A Zeilhan Online Business is designed to reduce the risk involved in launching a successful online business. We do this by footing most of the upfront costs involved in launching a successful online business.

No Hidden Fees or Hassle

All Zeilhan Online Business fees are clearly stated during the initial consultation and added to the contract for your protection and peace of mind.

Reliable Support

All the problems you encounter will be fully supported and resolved by our highly-qualified team in a swift and efficient manner. Your brand's online image is a profitable asset we take utmost care in protecting.

100% Transparent

Zeilhan Online Business plans are 100% transparent. We greatly involve you in the design, planning, and delivery of your Zeilhan Online Business that represents your business 24/7 and work for you and your clients.

Completely Custom Solution

All website copy, social media accounts created, and posts made are all custom and tailored to fit your business, style, vision, brand, and values. We never treat you to a generic solution.

Optimised For Your Goals

Your end goal forms the cornerstone of how your online presence will be designed and implemented. No two companies are the same so we do not believe any two online presences should be either.

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